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Chris Suhre is a wonderfully creative miniatures artist from the United States with a love for storytelling and an incredible level of patience.

Inspiration can strike at any moment. When it does, Chris can find himself with a painting desk covered in possibilities, and it is his steady, iterative approach that sees him complete awesome pieces of art on a regular basis.

This fourth volume of THE ART OF… series takes us into the mind of an artist who works primarily in fantastical dioramas. As with all good art, there are stories we see immediately and the stories hidden beneath the surface. This book offers us a guided tour of both.

This volume includes:

  • Inspiration and Creativity: Chris talks about his inspiration and where he goes looking for it.
  • Painting To Tell a Story: Presenting a story in miniature form often requires additional planning.
  • Composition in Miniatures Art: Carefully considering the arrangement of elements in a diorama, composition can make or break a piece.
  • Featured Dioramas: A deep dive into the creation of four major projects for Chris.
  • The Gallery: We take a look across the wide variety of wonderful pieces Chris has worked on.

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