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When the German tanks crossed the Polish frontier, Colonel Charles de Gaulle, commander of the tanks of the Fifth Army, saw the German success in this campaign as vindicating the theories outlined in his book, The Army of the Future, published five years earlier. The forceful expression of his opinions on the failings of the French hierarchy and the need for more French armoured divisions antagonised the upper echelons of the French military.

Despite this, on 15 May 1940, five days after the German Army swept through the Ardennes, de Gaulle, now at 49 the youngest General in the French Army, was appointed to command the 4ème Division Cuirassée, an armoured division still in the process of forming. On 18 May de Gaulle took the initiative, ordering an attack with just a battalion of Char B-1 bis heavy tanks, and two battalions of Renault R-35 light tanks. He hoped an attack using his doctrine of surprise and rapid movement would throw the Germans off their stride and slow the German advance.

You may field de Gaulle in any Compagnie de Combat for +45 points. Light Tank Platoons in a force joined by de Gaulle must have R-35 tanks.

Models come unpainted. Assembly required. Glue, paints, and supplies sold separately.

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